Snowflake Quickstarts

Snowflake Quickstarts provides lab-based hands-on Snowflake introductions, including:

  • Getting Started with Snowflake - Zero to Snowflake

    This hands-on lab provides an introduction to Snowflake and walks you through using the web interface to complete a series of activities covering a wide range of Snowflake features, including:

    • Data loading

    • Querying, results caching, and cloning

    • Semi-structured data

    • Time travel for restoring database objects

    • And more…


    The lab is intended for use with an account in which:

    • You have a user with the ACCOUNTADMIN and SYSADMIN roles.

    • You have the COMPUTE_WH default virtual warehouse.

    If you don’t already have an account that meets these requirements, you can sign up for a trial account.

  • Getting Started with SnowSQL

    This quickstart demonstrates how you can use SnowSQL (CLI Client) to create a database, migrate data to that database, perform queries, and manage the data.

  • Getting Started with Python

    This quickstart demonstrates how you can use the Snowflake Connector for Python to write a Python application that connects to Snowflake, creates a database, inserts data into a database table, and performs queries.

You can find more tutorials at Snowflake Quickstarts.