Session, database: str, schema: str, warehouse: str, producer_role: str = 'FS_PRODUCER', consumer_role: Optional[str] = None) FeatureStore

Sets up a new Feature Store including role/privilege setup. Must be run with ACCOUNTADMIN or a role with MANAGE GRANTS and CREATE ROLE privileges.

See for more information about privilege grants in Snowflake.

  • session – Snowpark Session to interact with Snowflake backend.

  • database – Database to create the FeatureStore instance.

  • schema – Schema to create the FeatureStore instance.

  • warehouse – Default warehouse for Feature Store compute.

  • producer_role – Name of producer role to be configured.

  • consumer_role – Name of consumer role to be configured. If not specified, consumer role won’t be created.


Feature Store instance.


exceptions.SnowparkSQLException – Insufficient privileges.