Returns the value of a specified expression.

For more information about returning values, see Returning a Value.


RETURN <expression>;



An expression that evaluates to the value to return.

Usage Notes

  • A RETURN statement can be executed in:

    • A stored procedure.

    • An anonymous block.

  • A RETURN statement returns one of the following types:

    • A SQL data type.

    • A table. Use TABLE(...) in the RETURN statement.

      If your block is in a stored procedure, you must also specify the RETURNS TABLE... clause in the CREATE PROCEDURE statement.


      Currently, in the RETURNS TABLE(...) clause in CREATE PROCEDURE, you cannot specify GEOGRAPHY as a column type.

      CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE test_return_geography_table_1()

      If you do so, calling the stored procedure results in the error:

      CALL test_return_geography_table_1();
      Stored procedure execution error: data type of returned table does not match expected returned table type

      To work around this, you can omit the column arguments and types in RETURNS TABLE().

      CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE test_return_geography_table_1()

      If you want to return the data that a RESULTSET points to, pass the RESULTSET to TABLE(…), as shown in the example below:

      create procedure ...
      returns table(...)
          return table(my_result_set);

      See Returning a RESULTSET as a Table.

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