SQL Class Reference

These topics provide reference information for Snowflake classes. A class is an extensible object type that encapsulates object data and code.

All classes support the following SQL operations:

  • CREATE: Creates an instance of the specified class, providing parameters if required. The instance is stored, under a name you specify, in a schema.

  • DROP: Deletes an instance of the specified class.

  • SHOW: Shows a list of instances of the specified class.

An instance of a class can have one or more methods. A method is a stored procedure or function and can be called by using the instance name and method name, and arguments (if any) required by the method. For example, CALL instance_name!method_name(...).

Updating Your Search Path

You can add the schema for classes you use frequently to your search path to save typing and make your SQL statements more concise. For more information about updating your search path, see Update Your Search Path.

Available Classes

Snowflake provides the following system-defined (built-in) classes.


Allows you to detect outliers in your time series data using a machine learning algorithm.


Represents a forecast model that produces a forecast for a single or multiple time series.