Snowflake in 20 Minutes

This tutorial uses the Snowflake command line client, SnowSQL, to introduce key concepts and tasks, including:

  • Creating Snowflake objects — You create a database and a table, for storing data.

  • Loading data — Small amount of sample CSV data files are provided for you to load into the table.

  • Querying — Finally, you explore sample queries.


Snowflake requires a virtual warehouse to load the data and execute queries. A running virtual warehouse consumes Snowflake credits; however, the number of credits consumed in this tutorial will be minimal because the entire tutorial can be completed in under 30 minutes. In addition, Snowflake bills a minimal amount for the on-disk storage used for the sample data in this tutorial. However, this tutorial provides steps to drop the table and minimize storage cost. If you are using a 30-day trial account, the account provides free credits and you won’t incur any costs.

Before You Begin: