Step 1. Log into SnowSQL

After SnowSQL is installed (see Prerequisites for details), to log in:

  1. Open a terminal window.

  2. Start SnowSQL at the command prompt:

    $ snowsql -a <account_identifier> -u <user_name>


    • <account_identifier>

      Unique identifier for your Snowflake account.

      The preferred format of the account identifier is as follows:


      Names of your Snowflake organization and account. For details, see Option 1: Account Name in Your Organization.

      Alternatively, specify your account locator, along with the region and cloud platform where the account is hosted, if required. For details, see Option 2: Account Locator in a Region.

    • <user_name> is the login name for your Snowflake user.

  3. When prompted by SnowSQL, enter the password for your Snowflake user.

For more details, see Connecting Through SnowSQL.

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