SQL Command Reference

These topics provide reference information for all the Snowflake SQL commands (DDL, DML, and query syntax).

  • Query Syntax — structure of SQL queries in Snowflake.

  • Query Operators — arithmetic, logical, and other types of operators.

  • DDL (Data Definition Language) Commands — overview of DDL commands.

  • DML (Data Manipulation Language) Commands — commands for performing DML operations, including:

    • Inserting, deleting, updating, and merging data in Snowflake tables.

    • Bulk copying data into and out of Snowflake tables.

    • Staging files for bulk copying.

  • All Commands (Alphabetical) — alphabetical list of all the commands.

  • Commands categorized by the type of objects and operations they control, including:

    • General account-level objects (accounts, users, roles, securty policies, integrations, etc.) and operations (failover & recovery, etc.).

    • Session-based operations (session context, queries, variables, transactions, etc.).

    • Virtual warehouses (for loading data and performing queries) and resource monitors (for controlling credit usage).

    • Databases, schemas, tables, and other schema-level objects (views, sequences, etc.).

    • Snowflake extensions and application development (user-defined functions, stored procedures, scripting, etc.).

    • Objects for sharing data (shares, listings, etc.).

    • Objects for classifying, protecting, and governing data (masking polcies, row-access polcies, tags, etc.).