Set the spending limit for a budget. The spending limit is expressed in number of credits.

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The number of credits allocated to the budget per month. When total usage for all objects assigned to the budget reaches this number for the current month, the budget is considered to be at 100% of the spending limit.

For the account budget, all supported objects contribute to the credit usage.

If a value is not specified for a budget, the budget has no spending limit, will never reach 100% usage, and will not trigger notifications.

Default: -1 (no spending limit).


The spending limit has been updated to <n> credits.

Access control requirements

  • The following minimum privileges and roles are required to view results for custom budgets:

    • ADMIN instance role for the budget instance.

    • USAGE privilege on the database and schema that contains the budget instance.

  • The following role is required to view results for the account budget:

    BUDGET_ADMIN application role for the account budget.

For more information, see Budgets roles and privileges.

Usage notes

  • The number argument must be a positive integer.

  • Calling this method does not return the object. Because of this, you can’t use method chaining to call another method on the return value of this method. Instead, call each method in a separate SQL statement.


Set the spending limit for the account budget to 500 credits per month:

CALL snowflake.local.account_root_budget!SET_SPENDING_LIMIT(500);

Set the spending limit for budget my_database.my_schema.my_budget to 100 credits per month.

CALL my_database.my_schema.my_budget!SET_SPENDING_LIMIT(100);