ODBC Driver release notes for 2024

This article contains the release notes for the ODBC Driver, including the following when applicable:

  • Behavior changes

  • New features

  • Customer-facing bug fixes

Snowflake uses semantic versioning for ODBC Driver updates.

Version 3.2.0 (January 19, 2024)

BCR (Behavior Change Release) changes

With the 3.2.0 release, the ODBC driver removed the ODBCInstLib setting in the configuration file when initially installing the driver. During installation, the driver now searches the driver manager library for different possible locations based on the platform. This approach provides greater flexibility for various platforms. If the driver cannot find the library, it displays an Unable to locate SQLGetPrivateProfileString function error. In this case, you might need to set ODBCInstLib manually with the name of the driver manager on your system. For more information, see Configure the ODBC Driver.

New features and updates

  • Added support for multiple SAML integrations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed performance regression on Windows when using SQLGetData to retrieve the query result. Some cases, such as varchar, might still experience performance regression. These issues will be fixed in a future release.

  • Fixed an issue where using Okta authentication failed when receiving an HTTP 429 error.

  • Fixed an improper error message when creating a DSN with an invalid name.