Modifies the properties for an existing share:

  • Adds or removes accounts from the list of accounts.

  • Sets a new list of accounts with which the corresponding database for the share is shared.

  • Modifies other properties. For parameter details, see Parameters.

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ALTER SHARE [ IF EXISTS ] <name> { ADD | REMOVE } ACCOUNTS = <consumer_account> [ , <consumer_account> , ... ]
                                        [ SHARE_RESTRICTIONS = { TRUE | FALSE } ]

ALTER SHARE [ IF EXISTS ] <name>  ADD ACCOUNTS = <consumer_account> [ , <consumer_account> , ... ]
                                        [ SHARE_RESTRICTIONS = { TRUE | FALSE } ]

ALTER SHARE [ IF EXISTS ] <name> SET { [ ACCOUNTS = <consumer_account> [ , <consumer_account> ... ] ]
                                       [ COMMENT = '<string_literal>' ] }

ALTER SHARE [ IF EXISTS ] <name> SET TAG <tag_name> = '<tag_value>' [ , <tag_name> = '<tag_value>' ... ]

ALTER SHARE <name> UNSET TAG <tag_name> [ , <tag_name> ... ]




Specifies the identifier for the share to alter. If the identifier contains spaces or special characters, the entire string must be enclosed in double quotes. Identifiers enclosed in double quotes are also case-sensitive.

ADD | REMOVE ACCOUNTS = consumer_account [ , consumer_account , ... ]

Specifies the name of the account(s) to add or remove from the list of accounts for the share:

  • Adding an account to a share that was already in the list has no effect.

  • Removing an account that has already imported the shared database immediately revokes that account’s access to the database. If the account is later added back to the share, the account must re-create the database before they can use it again.

  • Removing an account from a share that was not already in the list of shared accounts has no effect.

This parameter adds to (or removes from) the existing list of accounts for the share. If you want to replace the entire list of accounts, use SET instead.


Enables/disables adding a Standard or Enterprise consumer account to a share belonging to a Business Critical data provider.


You must set this parameter each time you are adding a new non-Business Critical consumer account to the share belonging to a Business Critical provider. For more information see, Enabling Sharing from a Business Critical Account to a non-Business Critical Account.


ACCOUNTS = consumer_account [ , consumer_account ... ]

Specifies the account(s) to replace all previous accounts with which the share was shared. To add/remove individual accounts from the list, use ADD | REMOVE instead.

TAG tag_name = 'tag_value' [ , tag_name = 'tag_value' , ... ]

Specifies the tag name and the tag string value.

The tag value is always a string, and the maximum number of characters for the tag value is 256.

For details about specifying tags in a statement, see Tag Quotas for Objects & Columns.

COMMENT = 'string'

Adds a comment or overwrites an existing comment for the share.


Specifies one or more properties/parameters to unset for the share, which resets them back to their defaults:

  • TAG tag_name [ , tag_name ... ]


Usage Notes

  • One of the following privileges is required to alter a share:

    • The OWNERSHIP privilege which is granted to the role that creates the share.

    • The CREATE SHARE privilege. By default, only the ACCOUNTADMIN has the CREATE SHARE privilege. The ACCOUNTADMIN can grant the privilege to any other role. The owner of the share cannot grant this privilege.

  • Keywords ACCOUNT and ACCOUNTS are both supported and can be used interchangeably.

  • Regarding metadata:


    Customers should ensure that no personal data (other than for a User object), sensitive data, export-controlled data, or other regulated data is entered as metadata when using the Snowflake service. For more information, see Metadata Fields in Snowflake.


Add two accounts to the existing share named sales_s:

ALTER SHARE sales_s ADD ACCOUNTS=<orgname.accountname1>,<orgname.accountname2>;

| status                           |
| Statement executed successfully. |

Remove account <orgname.accountname>; from sales_s:

ALTER SHARE sales_s REMOVE ACCOUNT=<orgname.accountname>;

| status                           |
| Statement executed successfully. |

Set a new comment for sales_s:

ALTER SHARE sales_s SET COMMENT='This share contains sales data for 2017';

| status                           |
| Statement executed successfully. |
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