Creates a new account in your organization.

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      ADMIN_NAME = <string>
    { ADMIN_PASSWORD = '<string_literal>' | ADMIN_RSA_PUBLIC_KEY = <string> }
    [ FIRST_NAME = <string> ]
    [ LAST_NAME = <string> ]
      EMAIL = '<string>'
    [ REGION_GROUP = <region_group_id> ]
    [ REGION = <snowflake_region_id> ]
    [ COMMENT = '<string_literal>' ]

Required parameters


Specifies the identifier (i.e. name) for the account. It must conform to the following:

  • Must be unique within an organization, regardless of which Snowflake Region the account is in.

  • Must start with an alphabetic character and cannot contain spaces or special characters except for underscores (_). Note that if the account name includes underscores, features that do not accept account names with underscores (e.g. Okta SSO or SCIM) can reference a version of the account name that substitutes hyphens (-) for the underscores.

ADMIN_NAME = string

Login name of the initial administrative user of the account. A new user is created in the new account with this name and password and granted the ACCOUNTADMIN role in the account.

A login name can be any string consisting of letters, numbers, and underscores. Login names are always case-insensitive.

ADMIN_PASSWORD = 'string_literal'

Password for the initial administrative user of the account. The password for the user must be enclosed in single or double quotes.

Optional if the ADMIN_RSA_PUBLIC_KEY parameter is specified.

For more information about passwords in Snowflake, see Snowflake-provided password policy.


Assigns a public key to the initial administrative user of the account in order to implement key pair authentication for the user.

Optional if the ADMIN_PASSWORD parameter is specified.

EMAIL = 'string_literal'

Email address of the initial administrative user of the account. This email address is used to send any notifications about the account.


Snowflake Edition of the account.

Optional parameters

FIRST_NAME = string , . LAST_NAME = string

First and last name of the initial administrative user of the account.

Default: NULL


Specifies whether the new user created to administer the account is forced to change their password upon first login into the account.

Default: FALSE

REGION_GROUP = region_group_id

ID of the region group where the account is created. To retrieve the region group ID for existing accounts in your organization, execute the SHOW REGIONS command. For information about when you might need to specify region group, see Region groups.

Default: Current region group.

REGION = snowflake_region_id

Snowflake Region ID of the region where the account is created. If no value is provided, Snowflake creates the account in the same Snowflake Region as the current account (i.e. the account in which the CREATE ACCOUNT statement is executed.)

To obtain a list of the regions that are available for an organization, execute the SHOW REGIONS command.

Default: Current Snowflake Region.

COMMENT = 'string_literal'

Specifies a comment for the account.

Default: No value

Access control requirements

Only organization administrators (users with the ORGADMIN role) can execute this SQL command.

Usage notes

  • An account can be associated with your organization in one of the following ways:

    • Create a new account using the SQL command described in the current topic.

    • Contact Snowflake Support to link an existing account to your organization.

  • By default, the maximum number of accounts in an organization cannot exceed 25. To have this limit raised, contact Snowflake Support.

  • It takes about 30 seconds for the DNS changes to propagate before you can access a newly created account. If the account is not accessible immediately, wait for approximately 30 seconds and try again.

  • Regarding metadata:


    Customers should ensure that no personal data (other than for a User object), sensitive data, export-controlled data, or other regulated data is entered as metadata when using the Snowflake service. For more information, see Metadata Fields in Snowflake.


Create a new account in the aws_us_west_2 Snowflake Region on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The user who executes the CREATE ACCOUNT statement can be logged into an account in the same or a different Snowflake Region:

create account myaccount1
  admin_name = admin
  admin_password = 'TestPassword1'
  first_name = Jane
  last_name = Smith
  email = ''
  edition = enterprise
  region = aws_us_west_2;

Create a new account in the same region group and Snowflake Region in which the CREATE ACCOUNT statement is executed. The new account administrator user must change their password upon first login:

create account myaccount2
  admin_name = admin
  admin_password = 'TestPassword1'
  email = ''
  edition = enterprise;