Activate the account budget. You must activate the account budget in order to use the budgets feature.

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CALL account_root_budget!ACTIVATE()



Access control requirements

Only a user with the ACCOUNTADMIN role or a role granted the following privileges can activate the account budget:

  • Application role SNOWFLAKE.BUDGET_ADMIN

  • IMPORTED PRIVILEGES privilege on SNOWFLAKE database

For more information, see Budgets roles and privileges.

Usage notes

  • Once activated, you must set the spending limit in order for the budget to start tracking credit usage.

  • Once activated, you must set the notification integration and email address(es) to receive notifications. No notifications will be sent out if email addresses are not set.

  • This method is only available on the account budget. Custom budgets do not require activation.

  • Calling this method does not return the object. Because of this, you can’t use method chaining to call another method on the return value of this method. Instead, call each method in a separate SQL statement.


Activate the account budget for your account:

CALL snowflake.local.account_root_budget!ACTIVATE();

Error messages

To troubleshoot issues with account budget activation, see You can’t activate the account budget.