Ingest Java SDK release notes for 2023

This article contains the release notes for the Ingest Java SDK, including the following when applicable:

  • Behavior changes

  • New features

  • Customer-facing bug fixes

Snowflake uses semantic versioning for Ingest Java SDK updates.

Version 2.0.4 (October 31, 2023)

New features and updates

  • Supported a new ON_ERROR option SKIP_BATCH, which skips the entire batch if there is any issue and returns all errors as part of the response.

  • Added row index information to all exceptions.

  • Upgraded snappy-java dependency.

  • Added a new interface to return the table schema information for a channel.

  • Added a new configuration option MAX_CLIENT_LAG that specifies the flush frequency, in seconds (default: 1).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with using snowflake-jdbc-fips.

  • Fixed a rare ConcurrentModificationException issue.

  • Fixed two issues in insertRows API that might cause wrong results in a very rare case.

  • Limited the maximum allowed number of chunks in blob to avoid the case when the request is too large.

Version 2.0.3 (August 31, 2023)

New features and updates

  • Supported OAuth authentication.

  • Removed exactly-once related code for Snowpipe.

  • Supported publishing unshaded snapshot release to the Nexus repo.

  • Added retry logic for invalid JWT tokens.

  • Added a warning for large batches in insertRows.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a NPE issue caused by race condition.

Version 2.0.2 (July 25, 2023)

New features and updates

  • Updated dependencies based on Wiz and Snyk vulnerability scan results.

  • Improved retry logic on exceptions like SSLException.

  • Made the role as an optional input and supported using the default role associated with the user.

  • Sent uncompressed chunk lengths to server side for tracking purpose.

Bug fixes

  • None.

Version 2.0.1 (June 14, 2023)

New features and updates

  • None.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an unexpected dependency behavior for Snowflake JDBC.

Version 2.0.0 (June 13, 2023)

New features and updates

  • Supported Snowpipe Streaming GA release.

  • Improved the dependencies for shading and relocating logic.

  • Made a few parameters to configure channel/chunk/file size limits.

  • Added more telemetries to track end-to-end latency.

  • Supported GCS downscoped token.

  • Cleaned up all Arrow related code.

  • Added an attribution notice.

  • Enforced allowed DATE and TIMESTAMP range.

  • Exposed more error messages for server-side channel invalidation for customers to self-mitigate.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some background threads are not stopped during exception.