Ingest Java SDK release notes for 2024

This article contains the release notes for the Ingest Java SDK, including the following when applicable:

  • Behavior changes

  • New features

  • Customer-facing bug fixes

Snowflake uses semantic versioning for Ingest Java SDK updates.

Version 2.1.1 (May 09, 2024)

New features and updates

  • Returned more detailed error messages for the INVALID_CHANNEL error.

  • Added support for external OAuth 2.0.

Bug fixes

  • Upgraded several dependencies, including vulnerability fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where HTTP connections are leaked due to error responses.

  • Relaxed the file size constraints to deal with issues where longer client flush lags produce larger files.

Version 2.1.0 (February 28, 2024)

BCR (Behavior Change Release) changes

  • Set Zstandard as the default compression algorithm.

New features and updates

  • Allowed clients to drop channels.

  • Upgraded JDBC to 3.14.5.

  • Implemented a change for sending the start and end offset tokens for a channel.

  • Implemented a change for sending the column ordinal data to the server side for cross-checking table schema changes.

  • Added support to pass verification logic for a user-defined offset token as part of channel creation.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an overflow issue that caused silent data issue.

Version 2.0.5 (January 22, 2024)

New features and updates

  • Added an optional offset token parameter for openChannel.

  • Added support for specifying compression algorithm to be used for BDEC Parquet files.

  • Updated to support customized URL and added Snowflake account name in request header.

  • Implemented a change to send spansMixedTables flag in blob registration requests.

  • Deprecated BUFFER_FLUSH_INTERVAL_IN_MILLIS parameter, instead use the MAX_CLIENT_LAG parameter.

  • Implemented the refresh of downscoped GCS tokens.

Bug fixes

  • Reverted one change that updated public API for internal use case.

  • Fixed the end-to-end JAR test so it can run on all cloud platforms.