Node.js Driver release notes for 2022

This article contains the release notes for the Node.js Driver, including the following when applicable:

  • Behavior changes

  • New features

  • Customer-facing bug fixes

Snowflake uses semantic versioning for Node.js Driver updates.

Version 1.6.17 (December 14, 2022)

New Features

  • Fixed an issue where supplying an incorrect password could cause an infinite loop when attempting to log into a connection pool.

  • Added the arrayBindingThreshold connection parameter for array binding, which directs the Node.js Driver to write an array to a file and upload it to the server when the number of binds exceeds the threshold.

Version 1.6.16 (November 18, 2022)

New Features

  • Added a noProxy configuration parameter to support bypassing the proxy server when needed.

  • Updated the moment library to version 2.29.4.

Version 1.6.15 (October 28, 2022)

New Features

  • Removed the requirement to provide the original SQL query in addition to the requestId when resubmitting requests.

  • Updated mocha to version 10.1.0.

Version 1.6.14 (September 21, 2022)

New Features

  • Added support for array binding.

Version 1.6.13 (August 23, 2022)


  • Added the ability to resubmit SQL statements with a request ID.

Version 1.6.12 (June 25, 2022)


  • Added the file to the npm project description.

  • Set the default timeout for HTTP requests to 360 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue regarding inaccurate encryption material IDs for numbers exceeding the maximum safe integer.

Version 1.6.11 (June 23, 2022)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for proxy connection not working.

Version 1.6.10 (May 25, 2022)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the application configuration parameter was not being recognized.

  • Fixed an issue where the PUT command did not overwrite data when the OVERWRITE argument was set to TRUE.

  • Fixed an issue where the OKTA authenticator threw an error when the closing slash (“/”) was missing; now it authenticates whether or not the slash in provided.

  • Fixed an issue where the OKTA authenticator failed to authenticate accounts that included a region in the connection string.

Version 1.6.8 (Mar 17, 2022)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated “npm test” to run all unit tests.

  • Added a confirmation message when a connection is authenticated.

  • Updated agent-base and https-proxy-agent to latest version.

Version 1.6.7 (Feb 16, 2022)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the required version of the follow-redirect package to 1.14.18.

  • Updated the version of the mocha test framework to 9.2.0.