Account & Session DDL


Lists all the regions in which accounts can be created. This command returns the Snowflake Region name, the cloud provider (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure) that hosts the account, and the cloud provider’s name for the region.

See also:



SHOW REGIONS [ LIKE '<pattern>' ]


LIKE 'pattern'

Filters the command output by object name. The filter uses case-insensitive pattern matching, with support for SQL wildcard characters (% and _).

For example, the following patterns return the same results:

... LIKE '%testing%' ...
... LIKE '%TESTING%' ...

Usage Notes

  • The command does not require a running warehouse to execute.

  • The command returns a maximum of 10K records for the specified object type, as dictated by the access privileges for the role used to execute the command; any records above the 10K limit are not returned, even with a filter applied.

    To view results for which more than 10K records exist, query the corresponding view (if one exists) in the Information Schema.

  • To post-process the output of this command, you can use the RESULT_SCAN function, which treats the output as a table that can be queried.


The command output provides region properties and metadata in the following columns:

| snowflake_region | cloud | region | display_name |

The command output for organizations that span multiple region groups includes an additional region_group column:

| region_group | snowflake_region | cloud | region | display_name |




Region group where the account is located. Note: this column is only displayed for organizations that span multiple region groups.


Snowflake Region where the account is located. A Snowflake Region is a distinct location within a cloud platform region that is isolated from other Snowflake Regions. A Snowflake Region can be either multi-tenant or single-tenant (for a Virtual Private Snowflake account).


Name of the cloud provider that hosts the account.


Region where the account is located; i.e. the cloud provider’s name for the region.


Human-readable cloud region name, e.g. US West (Oregon)