K-FSI (Korean Financial Security Institute) with RSEFT

This topic describes how Snowflake supports customers with KSFI with RSEFT compliance requirements.

Understanding K-FSI with RSEFT compliance requirements

The Korean Financial Security Institute (K-FSI) performs the CSP Safety Evaluation in order to evaluate cloud service provider compliance with the Regulation on Supervision of Electronic Financial Transactions (RSEFT) regulation. They support the financial services industry in security assessments and assist in various areas that help create a secure environment for financial institutions. Snowflake’s CSP Safety Evaluation is scoped to SaaS service controls. If customers will store or process unique private information (UPI) or protected credit information (PCI) on Snowflake or safety/reliability of electronic financial transactions are materially impacted by using Snowflake, then customers must review the CSP Safety Evaluation results and perform an analysis of vendor risk and submit documentation to the Financial Supervisory Service prior to utilizing Snowflake for these types of data.