Regulatory Compliance

Snowflake is committed to meeting industry-standard regulatory compliance requirements to provide our customers the highest levels of assurance for data integrity, security, and governance.

This topic describes how Snowflake supports customers with ITAR compliance requirements.

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Understanding How Snowflake Supports Customers with ITAR Compliance Requirements

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a United States compliance standard that controls and restricts access and export of military and defense articles, services, and related technologies.

Companies that manufacture, provide, or distribute goods and services as specified on the United States Munitions List (USML) may be subject to ITAR.

Snowflake supports customer ITAR compliance in the Snowflake Government Regions by limiting region access to vetted Snowflake employees and contractors who are eligible to support ITAR workloads. For clarity, customers may not use the Snowflake Service or the Snowflake Government Regions in connection with U.S. “classified information” (e.g. confidential, secret, or top secret).

For more information, see Supported Cloud Regions.

Export-controlled Data & Snowflake Features

The following table identifies the Snowflake Service features that are disabled by default in the Government Regions compared to commercial deployments.





Creation of new organizations is disabled by default.



Replication is disabled by default, but can be optionally enabled. For more information, contact Snowflake Support.


Data Sharing related features (e.g. Data Marketplace)

Data Sharing is available within a Government Region but related features may not be available where replication to other regions is required. For more information, contact Snowflake Support.


Considerations When Working with ITAR Workloads

Be aware of entering export-controlled data in any Snowflake metadata fields.