Snowflake CLI

Welcome to the Public Preview for the Snowflake CLI command-line interface for working with Snowflake.

What is Snowflake CLI?

Snowflake CLI is an open-source command-line tool explicitly designed for developer-centric workloads in addition to SQL operations. It is a flexible and extensible tool that can accommodate modern development practices and technologies.

With Snowflake CLI, developers can create, manage, update, and view apps running on Snowflake across workloads such as Streamlit in Snowflake, the Snowflake Native App Framework, Snowpark Container Services, and Snowpark. It supports a range of Snowflake features, including user-defined functions, stored procedures, Streamlit in Snowflake, and SQL execution.

What’s in this guide?

This guide introduces and explains how to install and use Snowflake CLI. It includes the following sections:

For more information about supported Snowflake products, see the following:

To see what changed in this release, see the Snowflake CLI release notes.