Creating an application package and an application object


  • You must have an existing connection in your config.toml file.

  • You must have a snowflake.yml file in your native app project.

How to create an application package and an application object

The snow app run command brings all the different code files together, creates an application package, uploads code to a Snowflake stage in this application package, and also installs or upgrades an application in the same account from this application package. This command is driven by the values specified in your resolved project definition for determining which stage to upload files to, which files to upload, and the names of the objects to be created.

To create an application object, do the following:

  1. Create a connection, if necessary.

  2. Make relevant changes to your code files, including snowflake.yml, manifest.yml, any setup scripts and extension code files.

  3. Execute the snow app run command from within your project, similar to the following:

    snow app run --connection="dev"

When successful, the command displays a message similar to the following:

Your application ("my_app_admin") is now live:

Using the snow app run --connection="dev" command creates an application using the files on a named stage. You can also use the command to create or update your application even if your application package already exists.

To create an application using a version (and patch) of an existing application package, execute the following:

snow app run --version v1 --patch 12 --connection="dev"

Here, version V1 and patch 12 are used as an example only. For more information about creating Snowflake Native App objects, see the snow app run command.