Dropping Snowflake Native App objects


  • You must have an existing connection in your config.toml file.

  • You must have a snowflake.yml file in your Snowflake Native App project.

How to drop Snowflake Native App application packages and application objects

The snow app teardown drops both the application object and the application package defined in the resolved project definition. This command succeeds even if one or both of these objects do not exist.

  1. Create a connection, if necessary.

  2. Execute the snow app teardown command from within your project, similar to the following:

    snow app teardown --connection="dev"

    When successful, the command returns the following message:

    Teardown is now complete.

If Snowflake CLI is unable to drop the application, it does note drop the application package either. For more information about dropping Snowflake Native App objects, see the snow app teardown command.