Creating a Snowflake Native App project

How to create a Snowflake Native App project

The snow app init command provides a mechanism by which users can bootstrap a Snowflake Native App project, and get them up and running as quickly as possible. The result of this command is a newly created directory on your local filesystem that contains the contents of a Git repository you cloned from. By default, the Git repository used is the official Snowflake Native App templates repository. If you want to use a different Git repository, or a subdirectory within the repository, use the --template-repo and --template flags.

To create a Snowflake Native App project from a Snowflake provided Snowflake Native App template:

  • Enter a snow app init command, similar to the following:

    snow app init my_app --template basic

    When successful, the command returns a confirmation message similar to the following:

    Native Apps project my_app has been created at: my_app


Files inside a project directory are processed by Snowflake CLI and could be uploaded to Snowflake when executing other snow app commands. You should use caution when putting any sensitive information inside files in a project directory.

For more information about creating a Snowflake Native App project, see the snow app init command.