Opening an app in a browser


  • You must have an existing connection in your config.toml file.

  • You must have a snowflake.yml file in your Snowflake Native App project.

How to open a Snowflake Native App application in your default browser

The snow app open command opens the app specified in the resolved project definition of your Snowflake Native App project.

  1. Create a connection, if necessary.

  2. Execute the snow app open command from within your project, similar to the following:

    snow app open --connection="dev"

    When successful, the command returns the following message:

    Application opened in browser.

    If you have not yet installed an application as part of the snow app run, the following error message is displayed:

    Application not yet deployed! Please run "snow app run" first.

For more information about opening a Snowflake Native App in a browser, see the CLI snow app open command.