Example - Accessing Snowflake data from Streamlit in Snowflake

This topic describes how to access Snowflake data from a Streamlit app in Streamlit in Snowflake.

Streamlit in Snowflake provides a convenience session that allows a Streamlit app to connect to Snowflake without having to provide Snowflake credentials when using this session.

To access Snowflake data from a Streamlit app:

  1. Import the Streamlit library:

    import streamlit as st
  2. Import get_active_session from the Snowpark library:

    from snowflake.snowpark.context import get_active_session
  3. Create a session:

    session = get_active_session()
  4. Define a SQL query:

    sql = f"select * from snowflake_sample_data.tpch_sf1.lineitem limit 20"
  5. Run the query and convert the result to a Pandas dataframe:

    data = session.sql(sql).collect()
  6. Add Streamlit features to your app to display the results of your query.

    See Get Started for information on using Streamlit. Also, see Unsupported Streamlit features.