System Functions (System Control)


Cancels the specified query (or statement) if it is currently active/running.

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Identifier for the query to cancel. To obtain the ID for a query executed within the last 14 days, log into the web interface and go to the History History tab page.

Usage Notes

  • A user can cancel their own running SQL operations using this SQL function. Canceling running operations executed by another user requires a role with one of the following privileges:

    • OWNERSHIP on the user who executed the operation.

    • OPERATE or OWNERSHIP on the warehouse that is running the operation (if applicable).

    Note that the ACCOUNTADMIN role is not necessarily granted any of these privileges.

  • Snowflake query IDs are UUID text strings with hyphens, which are special characters, so the strings must be escaped using single quotes.

  • This function is not intended for canceling queries for a particular warehouse or user. Instead, use:


SELECT SYSTEM$CANCEL_QUERY('d5493e36-5e38-48c9-a47c-c476f2111ce5');

| SYSTEM$CANCEL_QUERY('D5493E36-5E38-48C9-A47C-C476F2111CE5') |
| query [d5493e36-5e38-48c9-a47c-c476f2111ce5] terminated.    |
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