System functions


Returns the tag string value assigned to the table based upon the specified tag or NULL if a tag is not assigned to the specified table.

Use this function in the masking policy conditions or the row access policy conditions.





Identifier for the tag as a string.

For example, if the tag is named cost_center use 'cost_center' as the argument.

Usage notes

  • Currently, this function can only be used in a masking policy or row access policy condition to dynamically evaluate the tag string value set on a table.

    Snowflake returns an error while using the function in a SELECT query, view, materialized view, or a user-defined function (UDF).

  • Note that this function applies to all table-like objects (e.g. views).

  • The tag must exist when calling this system function; otherwise, Snowflake returns the following error message:

    Tag '<tag_name>' does not exist or not authorized.


For a contextual example on how to use this function, see Example 3: Protect a table based on the table tag string value.