System Functions (System Control)


Forces a pipe paused using ALTER PIPE to resume. This is necessary if the pipe owner transfers ownership of the pipe to another role while the pipe is paused.

Executing this function resumes the specified pipe. Any files submitted to the pipe while it was paused will start loading into the target table. To determine how many files are queued, query SYSTEM$PIPE_STATUS.

For more information, see Loading Continuously Using Snowpipe.





Pipe to resume running.

Usage Notes

  • pipe_name is a string so it must be enclosed in single quotes:

    • Note that the entire name must be enclosed in single quotes, including the database and schema (if the name is fully-qualified), i.e. '<db>.<schema>.<pipe_name>'.

    • If the pipe name is case-sensitive or includes any special characters or spaces, double quotes are required to process the case/characters. The double quotes must be enclosed within the single quotes, i.e. '"<pipe_name>"'.


Force a pipe with a case-insensitive name to resume:

SELECT SYSTEM$PIPE_FORCE_RESUME('mydb.myschema.mypipe');

Force a pipe with a case-sensitive name to resume:

SELECT SYSTEM$PIPE_FORCE_RESUME('mydb.myschema."myPipe"');