Creating an account

An account can be created by an organization administrator (i.e. a user with the ORGADMIN role) through the web interface or using SQL:


Select Admin » Accounts » + Account.


Execute a CREATE ACCOUNT command.

When creating an account, you can specify a cloud platform, a region, and a Snowflake edition. You can optionally specify a region group if you have, or want to have, accounts in multiple region groups. For more details see Region groups.

If you are having trouble creating or accessing a new account, consider:

  • By default, the maximum number of On Demand accounts in an organization is 25. If the organization has a capacity contract, the default maximum number of accounts is 100. Contact Snowflake Support to have these limits raised.

  • You can only create an account in a region that is enabled for your organization. For a list of available regions, see Viewing a List of Regions Available for an Organization. To request access to additional regions, contact Snowflake Support.

  • It takes about 30 seconds for the DNS changes to propagate before you can access a newly created account. If the account is not accessible immediately, wait for approximately 30 seconds and try again.

Each account in your organization can have its own set of users, roles, databases, and warehouses.

You will be billed for usage in all of your accounts on a single bill. To monitor usage for your organization accounts, see Organization Usage views.