Introduction to organizations

An organization is a first-class Snowflake object that links the accounts owned by your business entity. Organizations simplify account management and billing, Replication and Failover/Failback, Snowflake Secure Data Sharing, and other account administration tasks.

This feature allows organization administrators to view, create, and manage all of your accounts across different regions and cloud platforms.



The organization administrator (ORGADMIN) system role is responsible for managing operations at the organization level.

A user with the ORGADMIN role can perform the following actions:


Once an account is created, ORGADMIN can view the account properties but does not have access to the account data.

For information about working with the ORGADMIN role, see Enabling the ORGADMIN role in an account.

Organization DDL

To help manage organizations, including creating and listing accounts in the organization, Snowflake provides the following set of special DDL commands:

Organization functions and views

Snowflake provides historical usage data for all accounts in your organization via views in the ORGANIZATION_USAGE schema in a shared database named SNOWFLAKE. For information, see Organization Usage.

To enable database replication for an account in the organization, Snowflake provides the following SQL function: