Working with organizations and accounts

The following topics describe how to manage Snowflake organizations and accounts.


Introduction to organizations

Learn about organizations, which link the accounts owned by your business entity.

Getting started with organizations

Find the name of your organization, list the accounts in your organization, change the name of your organization, and enable and assign the ORGADMIN role for your organization.

Managing accounts in your organization

Manage the lifecycle of an account such as creating it and deleting it. Also, manage the general characteristics of an account like its Snowflake edition.

Connecting to your accounts

Connect to accounts in your organization from SnowSQL, connectors, drivers, and through Snowsight.


Account identifiers

Learn how to use account identifiers to specify the account that you are using (e.g. to connect to the account, use Snowsight, etc.).

Trial accounts

Sign up for a trial account, convert that account to a paid account, and cancel the trial account.

Parameter management

View and alter parameters for your account.

User management

Create, modify, view, and drop users in your account.

Behavior Change Management

Enable, disable, and check the status of behavior changes.