Connect to Snowflake

Snowflake provides several different methods to interact with the Snowflake database including Snowsight, SnowSQL and the Snowflake Classic Console.

Snowflake Ecosystem

Overview of the 3rd-party tools and technologies, as well as the Snowflake-provided clients, in the Snowflake ecosystem.

Snowsight: The Snowflake web interface

Snowsight distills Snowflake’s powerful SQL support into a unified, easy-to-use experience. Use Snowsight to perform your critical Snowflake operations.

SnowSQL (CLI client)

Detailed instructions for installing, configuring, and using the Snowflake command-line client.

Classic Console

Use the Classic Console to perform tasks that would normally performed using SQL and the command line.

Snowflake Extension for Visual Studio Code

Use the Snowflake Extension for Visual Studio Code to connect to Snowflake within Visual Studio Code and perform SQL operations.

General Configuration (All Clients)

General configuration instructions that apply to all Snowflake-provided client.