Load Data into Snowflake

Data can be loaded into Snowflake in a number of ways. The following topics provide an overview of data loading concepts, tasks, tools, and techniques to quick and easily load data into your Snowflake database.

Overview of data loading

Options available to load data into Snowflake.

Summary of data loading features

Reference of the supported features for using the COPY INTO <table> command to load data from files.

Data loading considerations

Best practices, general guidelines, and important considerations for bulk data loading.

Working With Amazon S3-compatible Storage

Instructions for accessing data in other storage.

Loading data using the web interface

Instructions for loading limited amounts of data using the web interface.

Introduction to Loading Semi-structured Data

Considerations for loading semi-structured data.

Introduction to unstructured data

Considerations for loading unstructured data.

Bulk loading from a local file system

Instructions for loading data in bulk using the COPY command.


Instructions for loading data continuously using Snowpipe.

Snowpipe Streaming

Instructions for loading data streams continuously using Snowpipe Streaming.

Transforming data during a load

Instructions for transforming data while loading it into a table using the COPY INTO command.

Querying Data in Staged Files

Instructions on using standard SQL to query internal and external named stages.

Querying Metadata for Staged Files

Instructions on querying metadata in internal and external stages.