Cost & billing

Snowflake provides a robust framework to manage costs. You can also obtain monthly usage statements and reconcile those statements with usage data in views.

Cost management

Understanding overall cost

The total cost of using Snowflake is the aggregate of the cost of using data transfer, storage, and compute resources.

Learn about how overall cost is calculated.

Exploring overall cost

Snowsight allows you to quickly and easily obtain information about cost from a visual dashboard. Queries against the usage views allow you to drill down into cost data and can help generate custom reports and dashboards.

Learn about exploring your spend using various queries to return cost information.

Optimizing cost

Learn how to optimize Snowflake in order to reduce costs and maximize your spend.

Monitoring cost

Budgets allow you to monitor the credit usage of supported objects and serverless features in your account. Resource monitors allow you to monitor credit usage by user-managed virtual warehouses and the cloud services layer of the Snowflake architecture.

Learn about how to monitor your costs and spending in Snowflake.

Attributing cost

Gain insight into Snowflake cost by attributing those costs to logical units within the organization such as departments, environments or other entities.

Learn how to attribute cost to differing entities within your organization.

Controlling cost

Cost controls allow you to limit how much is spent on various services such as virtual warehouses.

Learn how to control costs by controlling access to warehouses, managing queries, enforcing spending limits and more.


Access a billing usage statement

Learn how to use Snowsight to view and download monthly usage statements.

Reconcile a billing usage statement

Learn how to execute queries to reconcile usage data shown on a usage statement with data in the billing views of the Organization Usage schema.