Snowflake Java Runtime Support

Going forward, Snowflake intends to support new LTS Java runtimes within 1 year of their first official release.

Deprecating and decommissioning runtimes (end of support)

To keep your functions up-to-date and secure, we occasionally need you to update your UDFs and stored procedures and re-deploy them to use a supported runtime.

Snowflake applies updates to Java runtimes as the updates are made available by the upstream maintainers. When a Java runtime is no longer actively maintained, Snowflake will deprecate and, eventually, remove the runtime. The Snowflake deprecation schedule will follow the End-of-Availability schedule of Adoptium Temurin ™.

This process involves three aspects: a publication of the deprecation date, a deprecation period, and a target decommission date. The deprecation date posted below indicates the start of the deprecation period and the expected decommission date.

Java Runtime

Snowflake Deprecation Date

Decommission Date


Oct 2027

Jan 2028

17 [1]

Oct 2027


During the deprecation period, Snowflake will no longer apply security patches or other updates to the runtime. You can continue to use the runtime but you should mainly aim to use this time to migrate any functions that still use the deprecated runtime to a more up-to-date runtime. Note that functions that use a deprecated runtime are not eligible for technical support.

After the decommission date, you can no longer create, update or invoke functions using the runtime. You must choose a more up-to-date runtime to deploy your functions.