Creating External Functions on Azure

Snowflake documents two ways to create an external function on Azure:

  • Creating a Sample External Function Using an Azure Resource Manager Template.

    These instructions use an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to reduce the number of steps required to create the Azure Function (remote service) and the API Management Service instance (proxy service).

    These instructions help you create your first external function quickly, but they skip steps that most users need when creating customized external functions.

  • Creating a Customizable External Function on Azure.

    These instructions describe how to create an Azure Function (remote service) and an API Management Service instance (proxy service) by using the Azure user interface. The instructions include sample code for a remote service. You can use these instructions not only to build the sample external function supplied by Snowflake, but as a starting point for creating your own customized Azure function and API Management Service instance.

Many users, especially users who are still learning the Azure user interface, might want to follow the template-based instructions once to create their first external function, and then use the non-template instructions to create all subsequent external functions.

Users who are already comfortable with the Azure user interface might prefer to skip the template-based instructions, and follow the longer instructions that allow more customization.

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