Planning to Create an External Function for GCP Using the Google Cloud Console

These instructions help you prepare to create an external function on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) by using the Google Cloud Console user interface.

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The prerequisites are:

  • You must have a Google Cloud project ID.

  • You must have the correct services enabled for your Google Cloud Project. For detailed requirements, check the Google Cloud API Gateway quick-start documentation .

Worksheet for Creating an External Function for GCP Using the Google Cloud Console

As you create your external function, you should record specific information (for example, the Cloud Function trigger URL) that you enter so that you can use that information in subsequent steps. The worksheet below helps you track this information.

======================================= Worksheet ====================================

--------------- Cloud Function (remote service) Information ---------------

Cloud Function Trigger URL: _______________________________________________

---------------------- API Config File Information ------------------------

Path Suffix ..............: _______________________________________________

Configuration File Name ..: _______________________________________________

----------------- API Gateway (proxy service) Information -----------------

Managed Service Identifier: _______________________________________________

Gateway Base URL .........: _______________________________________________

------------ API Integration Information ------------

API Integration Name .....: _______________________________________________

API_GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT ..: _______________________________________________

------------ External Function Information ------------

External Function Name ...: _______________________________________________

--------------------------- Security Information --------------------------

Security Definition Name .: _______________________________________________

Next Step

To start creating an external function, continue on to the next step:

Step 1: Create the Remote Service (Google Cloud Function)