Date & Time Functions (Alerts)


Returns the timestamp representing the scheduled time for the most recent successful evaluation of the alert condition, where no errors occurred when executing the action. (In the alert history, these are the alerts with the STATE CONDITION_FALSE or TRIGGERED.) Refer to Specifying Timestamps Based on Alert Schedules.






TIMESTAMP_LTZ value that represents when the most recent successful evaluation of the alert condition was scheduled, or NULL if there are no recent successful evaluations of the alert condition.

Usage Notes

  • This function is defined in the ALERT schema of the SNOWFLAKE database.

    To call this function, you must use a role that is granted the SNOWFLAKE database role ALERT_VIEWER. For example, to call the function as a user with the role alert_role, execute:

    GRANT DATABASE ROLE snowflake.alert_viewer TO ROLE alert_role;
  • This function can only be called from within an alert.