Understanding Your Cost

Snowflake costs are based on:

  • Usage of data storage, virtual warehouses (compute resources), and cloud services:

    • Usage for data storage is calculated on the daily average amount of data (in bytes) stored in the system for:

      • Files staged for bulk data loading/unloading (can be stored compressed or uncompressed).

      • Database tables, including historical data for Time Travel (always compressed by Snowflake).

      • Fail-safe for database tables (always compressed by Snowflake).

      • Clones of database tables that reference data deleted in the table that owns the clones.

    • Usage for virtual warehouses (compute resources) is calculated based on the number of Snowflake credits consumed by virtual warehouses for executing queries, loading/unloading data, and performing other DML operations.

    • Usage for cloud services is charged only if the daily consumption of cloud services for the account exceeds 10% of the daily usage of the compute resources. The charge is calculated daily (in the UTC time zone). This ensures that the 10% adjustment is accurately applied each day, at the credit price for that day.

  • Data transfer from one region to another within the same cloud platform, or from one cloud platform to another.

  • Compute resources for serverless features such as automatic clustering, scheduled tasks, and Snowpipe.

Snowflake provides numerous methods, in both the web interface and SQL, for monitoring and controlling your storage, credit, and cloud services usage.

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