Notifications in Snowflake

You can configure Snowflake to send notifications to a queue provided by a Cloud service (Amazon SNS, Google Cloud PubSub, or Azure Event Grid) or an email address. For example:

Calling a stored procedure to send a notification

To call a stored procedure to send a notification:

  1. If you are sending an email notification, make sure that the intended recipients verify their email addresses.

  2. Create a notification integration.


Step 1: Verify the email addresses of the email notification recipients

You can send email notifications only to Snowflake users within the same account. Those users must verify their email addresses through one of the following interfaces:

Step 2: Create a notification integration

When calling the SYSTEM$SEND_SNOWFLAKE_NOTIFICATION or SYSTEM$SEND_EMAIL stored procedure, you must specify a notification integration that will be used to send the notification.

The following topics explain how to create the notification integration.

Step 3: Send the notification

You can call one of the following stored procedures to send a notification:

Viewing the history of notifications

To view the history of notifications, call the Information Schema NOTIFICATION_HISTORY table function.