Snowsight - Databases: Function Details

When you select a function in the database object explorer, the function details page appears.

In this Topic:

This section provides a brief overview of how to navigate and use the function details page.



Basic function details

Basic details about your function are located at the top of the page.

More menu

The More menu, located in the upper-right corner of the page, lets you do the following:

  • Edit

    Edit the function name and comment.

  • Drop

    Drop the function.

  • Transfer Ownership

    Transfer ownership of the function to another role.

The function details page includes the following sections:

  • Details

  • Function definition

  • Privileges

The Details section provides additional information about your function, including:

  • The data type of the function result.

  • Whether your function is an aggregate function.

  • Whether your function is a secure function.

  • Whether your function is a table function.

  • The language used to build the function.

The Function definition section contains the SQL that was used to initialize the function.

Use the Privileges section to view, grant, and revoke privileges on the function.