Sync status reference

Database objects and procedures

The following database objects are created through the file observability/sync_status.sql.


View exposed to the ADMIN and VIEWER roles and providing information about the synchronization status of the connector. The main functionalities are based on the tables APP_STATE, GENERIC_CONNECTOR_STATS, INGESTION_DEFINITIONS, be careful when overwriting so that the view is still usable.

The view contains the following columns:

  1. status STRING

  2. last_synced_at TIMESTAMP_NTZ

With the following statuses available:

  • PAUSED when the connector is paused.

  • LAST_SYNCED when at least one run ended with COMPLETED status.

  • SYNCING_DATA when there is an enabled resource but no runs ended with COMPLETED status.

  • NOT_SYNCING when no runs were started and all resources are disabled.

  • DISCONNECTED this state is not supported yet.