Core SQL reference

File: core.sql

Database objects and procedures


An un-versioned schema containing the internal state of the Connector. This schema is persisted between different versions of the application.


Table to store the current status of the connector. This table is only accessible internally. The table contains the following columns:

  1. key STRING

  2. value VARIANT

  3. updated_at TIMESTAMP_NTZ

The following status is set as a default value during the installation:

    "status": "CONFIGURING",
    "configurationStatus": "INSTALLED"

To retrieve the status use the GET_CONNECTOR_STATUS procedure below.


This procedure retrieves the current status from the APP_STATE table. An exception will be thrown when status does not exist in the table.


The core.sql file introduces the following roles into the application:

  • ADMIN - has access to all publicly exposed procedures and views

  • VIEWER - has access to all read only procedures and views

  • DATA_READER - no access to anything by default. Should be used to access sink database only