About the SQL API endpoints

The SQL API is available at https://account_identifier.snowflakecomputing.com/api, where account_identifier is your account identifier.

Beginning with Snowflake version 6.3, the API consists of the /api/v2/statements/ resource and provides the following endpoints:




Use this endpoint to submit SQL statements for execution.


Use this endpoint to check the status of the execution of a statement. (statementHandle is a unique identifier for the statement submitted for execution.)


Use this endpoint to cancel the execution of a statement.

These endpoints include the new method of retrieving results, which was introduced in Snowflake version 5.40. However, when sending a request to these new endpoints, you do not need to set the format field to jsonv2 in the resultSetMetaData field. If the format field is set in the request, the SQL API ignores the field.

The new version of the SQL API also removes concurrency limits, enabling you to retrieve query results from multiple threads.

You can use development tools and libraries for REST APIs (e.g. Postman) to send requests and handle responses.