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This topic provides links to assorted “how to” tutorials/labs and “best practices”, as well as videos, for using Snowflake.

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Snowflake Quickstarts provides tutorials for getting started with Snowflake, including:

  • Getting Started with Snowflake - Zero to Snowflake

    This hands-on lab provides an introduction to Snowflake and walks you through using the web interface to complete a series of activities covering a wide range of Snowflake features, including:

    • Data loading

    • Querying, results caching, and cloning

    • Semi-structured data

    • Time travel for restoring database objects

    • And more…


    The lab is intended for use with an account in which:

    • You have a user with the ACCOUNTADMIN and SYSADMIN roles.

    • You have the COMPUTE_WH default virtual warehouse.

    If you don’t already have an account that meets these requirements, you can sign up for a trial account.

  • Getting Started with SnowSQL

    This quickstart demonstrates how you can use SnowSQL (CLI Client) to create a database, migrate data to that database, perform queries, and manage the data.

  • Getting Started with Python

    This quickstart demonstrates how you can use the Snowflake Connector for Python to write a Python application that connects to Snowflake, creates a database, inserts data into a database table, and performs queries.

You can find more tutorials at Snowflake Quickstarts.

Tutorials in the Snowflake Documentation

The Snowflake documentation includes additional tutorials that you can use to learn more about Snowflake:

Best Practices

The following topics cover some of the best practices for using Snowflake:

Sample Data Sets

The following topics describe some of the sample data sets that you can use:

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