System Functions (System Control)


Enables replication and failover features for a specified account in an organization.

Once an organization administrator (a user with the ORGADMIN role) has called this function, the following features are enabled for the account:

Call the SQL function once for each account in your organization for which you are enabling replication and failover features. This includes each account that you intend to contain a primary or secondary replication or failover group, database, or connection.





Identifier of an account for which you are enabling replication. The preferred format for the identifier is organization_name.account_name. Though the legacy account_locator format is also supported, its use is discouraged as it can cause unexpected results when an organization has multiple accounts with the same locator (in different regions).

Retrieve the set of accounts in your organization using the SHOW ORGANIZATION ACCOUNTS command, which returns details about each account, including the organization name, account name, and account locator.

Usage Notes

  • Only organization administrators (i.e. users with the ORGADMIN role) can call this SQL function.

  • Multiple accounts can be enabled for replication from the same organization administrator account.

  • When replication is enabled for an account using this SQL function, the SHOW REPLICATION ACCOUNTS output includes the account.

  • If you have more than one account with the same account locator in different regions, to enable replication, you must use organization_name.account_name as the account identifier.


The following example enables replication for the account1 and account2 accounts in the myorg organization:


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