Managing Governance in Snowflake

These topics summarize the governance features in Snowflake.

These topics are intended primarily for administrators (i.e. users with the ACCOUNTADMIN, SYSADMIN, or SECURITYADMIN roles).

  • Summary of Governance Features

    List of all governance features.

  • Column-level Security

    Allows the application of a masking policy to a column within a table or view.

  • Row Access Policies

    Allows the application of a row access policy to a table or view to determine which rows are visible in the query result.

  • Object Tagging

    Allows the tracking of sensitive data for compliance, discovery, protection, and resource usage.

  • Tag-based Masking Policies

    Allows protecting column data by assigning a masking policy to a tag and then setting the tag on a database object or the Snowflake account.

  • Data Classification

    Allows categorizing potentially personal and/or sensitive data to support compliance and privacy regulations.

  • Access History

    Allows the auditing of the user access history through the Account Usage ACCESS_HISTORY View.

  • Object Dependencies

    Allows the auditing of how one object references another object by its metadata (e.g. creating a view depends on a table name and column names) through the Account Usage OBJECT_DEPENDENCIES view.

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