Allowing Hostnames

All Snowflake clients (SnowSQL, JDBC driver, ODBC driver, etc.) require permanent access to cloud storage (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Microsoft Azure), as well as other web-based hosts, to perform various runtime operations. To ensure access, particularly in a secure/private network (e.g. AWS PrivateLink-enabled network), you must allow the hostnames for the required hosts.

The hostnames that need to be allowed depend on your cloud platform (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure) and the region where your Snowflake account is located.

Use the SYSTEM$WHITELIST function for general accounts or SYSTEM$WHITELIST_PRIVATELINK function for AWS PrivateLink or Azure Private Link accounts to obtain the hostnames for your Snowflake account.

Use SnowCD to ensure the provided endpoints are allowed.