Creating a notification integration to send notifications to a Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic

To send notifications to a Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic, you must create a notification integration for that topic. To do this:

  1. Create a Pub/Sub topic.

  2. Create a Pub/Sub subscription.

  3. Create a notification integration.

  4. Grant Snowflake access to the Pub/Sub subscription.

Step 1: Create the Pub/Sub topic

Create a Pub/Sub topic that can receive error notification messages from Snowflake, or reuse an existing topic. You can create the topic using Cloud Shell or Cloud SDK. For more information, see Create and use topics in the Pub/Sub documentation.

For example, execute the following command to create an empty topic:

gsutil notification create -t <topic>

If the topic already exists, the command uses it; otherwise, a new topic is created.

Step 2: Create the Pub/Sub subscription

Optionally, create a subscription to the Pub/Sub topic to retrieve notifications. You can create a subscription with pull delivery using the Cloud Console, gcloud command-line tool, or the Cloud Pub/Sub API. For instructions, see Managing topics and subscriptions in the Pub/Sub documentation.

Step 3: Create a notification integration in Snowflake

Run the CREATE NOTIFICATION INTEGRATION command to create a notification integration. An integration is a Snowflake object that references the Pub/Sub topic you created.

Snowflake associates the notification integration with a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service account created for your account. Snowflake creates a single service account that is referenced by all GCP notification integrations in your Snowflake account. The GCP service account for notification integrations is different from the service account created for storage integrations.

When running the command, set the parameters for push notifications. For the cloud provider parameters, set GCP_PUBSUB_TOPIC_NAME to the name of the topic that you created earlier.

For example:

  GCP_PUBSUB_TOPIC_NAME = 'projects/sdm-prod/topics/mytopic';

Step 4: Grant Snowflake access to the Pub/Sub subscription

  1. Execute the DESCRIBE INTEGRATION command to display the properties of the notification integration that you just created.

    For example, to display the properties of the notification integration named my_notification_int:

    DESC NOTIFICATION INTEGRATION my_notification_int;
  2. Record the value of the GCP_PUBSUB_SERVICE_ACCOUNT property (the service account name), which has the following format:

  3. Log into the Google Cloud Platform Console as a project editor.

  4. From the home dashboard, choose Big Data » Pub/Sub » Subscriptions.

  5. Select the subscription to configure for access.

  6. Select SHOW INFO PANEL in the upper-right corner. The information panel for the subscription slides out.

  7. In the Add members field, search for the service account name you recorded.

  8. From the Select a role dropdown, select Pub/Sub Publisher.

  9. Select Add.

    The service account name is added to the Pub/Sub Publisher role dropdown in the information panel.