Understanding Organization and Account Names

This topic provides information about naming and connecting to accounts in your organization.

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Your Snowflake Account URL

To simplify management of account names and account URLs, Snowflake supports the following URL format for accounts in an organization:



This account URL format is available to all customers who are participating in the Organization preview program.

Snowflake will continue to support the old URL format (i.e. https://<account_locator>.<region_name>.snowflakecomputing.com) to allow customers gradually transition to the new format.

Organization Name

The organization name must be unique across all Snowflake organizations. It cannot include underscores or other delimiters.

To change your organization name, contact Snowflake Support.

Account Name

Account name must be unique within your organization. You specify an account name when you create a new account (see Creating an Account).

While an account name uniquely identifies an account within your organization, it is not a unique identifer of an account across Snowflake organizations.

To uniquely identify an account in Snowflake, you must append the account name to the organization name. For example, <organization_name>-<account_name>.

Account names with underscores also have a dashed version of the URL for features that do not accept URLs with underscores, such as Okta SSO/SCIM.

Existing Accounts

When an existing account is added to an organization, the Account Locator is used in place of the account name.

If you have accounts with the same name in different regions, the cloud and region names are prepended to the account name in the new URL format.

For example, if the organization name is ACME, and there are two accounts named TEST, one in the AWS US East 2 region and the other in the Azure West US 2 region, the URLs will look as follows:

Original account URL 1: https://test.us-east-2.aws.snowflakecomputing.com

Original account URL 2: https://test.west-us-2.azure.snowflakecomputing.com

New account URL 1: https://acme-test_aws_us_east_2.snowflakecomputing.com

New account URL 2: https://acme-test_azure_west_us_2.snowflakecomputing.com

These account names can be changed as long as the new names are unique. For instructions on how to change an account name, see Changing Account Name.

Account Locator

Account locator is an alphanumeric value that is assigned to an account by Snowflake at the account creation time. Account locator is a unique identifier for your account that cannot be changed.

Prior to organizations, account locator was used to identify an account as the account name and in the account URL.

Supported Methods for Connecting to Snowflake

The https://<organization_name>-<account_name>.snowflakecomputing.com URL format is supported to connect to Snowflake as follows:



Classic web interface


New web interface


Snowflake-provided clients and 3rd-party tools and technologies


SSO [1]


AWS PrivateLink and Microsoft Azure Private Link [2]



No (Use the account locator)

Kafka connector

No (Use the account locator)

[1] For more information, see:

[2] For more information, see How to Set up SSO for PrivateLink URL Using SAML2 Integration