Enabling error notifications for tasks

Snowflake can push error notifications to a cloud messaging service when it encounters errors while executing tasks. Task error notifications trigger a notification describing the errors encountered when a task executes SQL code. The notifications describe any errors encountered during task execution.

This topic provides instructions for configuring error notification support for tasks using cloud messaging.

The task error notification feature is supported for both serverless tasks and user-managed tasks (i.e. tasks that rely on a virtual warehouse to provide the compute resources).


Error notifications rely on cloud messaging using one of:

  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

  • Microsoft Azure Event Grid

  • Google Pub/Sub

Currently, cross-cloud support is not available for push notifications. You must configure error notification support for the messaging service provided by the cloud platform where your Snowflake account is hosted.

You can use the NOTIFICATION_HISTORY table function to query the history of notifications sent through Snowpipe. For more information, refer to NOTIFICATION_HISTORY.

To set up task error notifications, do the following:

  1. Create a topic to receive the error notifications, and set up a notification integration for that topic.

    For details, refer to the instructions for your platform:

  2. Create or configure the task to use the notification integration for error notifications.

    Refer to Configuring a task to send error notifications.


  • Snowflake Task error integration is implemented using notification integration objects, which provide an interface between Snowflake and third-party cloud message queuing services.

  • Snowflake guarantees at-least-once message delivery of error notifications (i.e. multiple attempts are made to deliver messages to ensure at least one attempt succeeds, which can result in duplicate messages).

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